Within MemberHub a great feature is to allow your teachers to create classroom hubs as a place for them to centralize their parent communication. Have you offered this to your teachers? Why or why not?


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    Gena Ward

    Oh, yes!  I have 2 teachers that have reached out to our PTA about using Memberhub for their classrooms.  At the beginning of the year, I set up our site to have grade level and classroom hubs specifically for room parents and PTA to contact parent groups in specific grades/classrooms.  One PreK teacher and one K5 teacher have each reached out for training on how to use their class hub for communications.  They are older teachers that were around before technology and they have both embraced it very well.  While they have experienced a few hiccups along the way, I have heard good feedback from them.  The complaints they had were not being able to attach files to an email which I showed them the workaround of being able to upload a file to the class hub and email parents when you upload.  Also, I showed them how to add images to the library so that they could put in an email.  

    They both loved the photo album feature of the class hubs.  They have uploaded pictures of class parties, field trips and so forth, knowing that only their parents can see the pictures.  

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