Do you send out event invites as part of a rotational newsletter, or do you send out seperate communications for signups and events happening within your unit. Why?


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    Gena Ward

    I send out event reminders through our site calendar.  I also send out sign up invitations directly from the event signup.  I seem to get more response when I send an email asking for volunteers with a link to the sign up rather than sending a blanket email telling people volunteers are needed with no link.  

    The event reminders in the calendar are awesome and have helped a lot with parents meeting deadlines and just staying informed.  Word of advice though.  If you enter the events at the beginning of the year and details get changed as you get closer to the event, don't forget to go back and change it on the calendar.  I failed to do that and it created a lot of confusion when the school newsletter had different information than our Memberhub event reminder email.  

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