Site Joins: Use your Joins Page!

There are several ways to get people into your MemberHub Site. One option is to send people to your public Site Joins Page, which is essentially a registration page for your site. This can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to adding people with email addresses using the instructions here. *Note: This does not add people as PTA members. Use the Dues Payment Page for this function.

Enabling your Site Joins Page allows your organization to provide a link to a public page where people can register themselves and family members (if applicable) to join your MemberHub site. You and/or other site administrators will then approve or reject the join requests.

Site Joins Page Setup

To get started, access the Site Joins tab in the Admin Console and click the Site Joins Page Settings button in the bottom right. Then check the box that says Enable your Site Joins Page.

Once you check that box, you'll see a handful of other options to configure. These options allow you to customize your Site Joins Page with instructions and contact information.

Once you're done, click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

At this point you're ready to distribute the web address of your Site Joins Page. This is the page where people will go to request to join your MemberHub site. 

There are two options. You can provide the full web address which includes the Join Request Key. Or, for a greater degree of security, you can give out the shorter of the two web addresses that does not include the key in the address. Visitors that join that page will be required to type in the Join Request Key in order to register. 

Processing Join Requests

As people submit join requests, administrators are then required to process those requests. The requests will show up right on the Site Joins tab in the Admin Console

Administrators, can accept, reject, hold, and edit each request according. 

Upon accepting a join request, that person's information will either create a new person and family in the People tab or if a match is found, it will update the existing person's information.

Rejecting the request will flag the request accordingly and any email addresses used in that request will not be available for future join requests until an administrator deletes/clears that request.

Holding a request just puts it into a "hold" state so an administrator can handle it later. 

The Edit button will allow an administrator to actually edit the details of the request before it is ultimately accepted or rejected. 

For Schools

If you have chosen a "School" type as your Organization Type in the Settings tab of the Admin Console then additional features become available to you. One of those features effects the Join Request process.

An additional checkbox will appear when setting up your Site Joins Page that will allow people to select a classroom hub when they are entering their student's information. 

The idea is to make it easier on administrators so that when the join request is accepted, it will automatically put those students (and parents if chosen) into their appropriate classroom hub! 

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