Prepare Your Site for the Next School Year

This article documents the activities a school should consider when when preparing their MemberHub Site for a new school year. 

Clearing Classroom Hubs

Be careful: cleared data is unrecoverable. After the school year is over it's time to empty out those classroom, grade-level and committee hubs. MemberHub makes this easy with the Clear Hub Activity feature. 

Essentially this feature allows you to go into each hub and with a few clicks remove all people, files, photos, signups, etc from the hub. Typically you'll do this for each classroom and grade-level hub.

Keep in mind how hubs within hubs can effect this. Let's say you add someone to a classroom hub. If that hub is under the 2nd Grade hub, for example, which is under the school-wide hub that person will get removed from the hubs that are above it too. The only exception to this is if that person was also added directly to those hubs above.

Keep in mind that removing people from hubs does not remove them from your MemberHub site database. Those people will still be in your Directory and listed in the People tab inside your Admin Console.

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If you want to communicate with everyone in the school in between school years you can easily add everyone in your school site to the school-wide hub using the Select All link on the People tab inside the Admin Console. Once everyone is selected just choose Add to Hub from the People Actions button. 

TIP: You might consider sending an email to alert families to download anything they want out of their hubs before you empty them out.  

Removing Families Who Are Leaving the School

Let's say you're with an elementary school. In a perfect world we'd have a "Remove 5th Grade Families" button. But it's just not that easy. There's no magical way for the system to know who is actually leaving your school. 

One easy way to identify families who need to be removed is simply sending out an email towards the end of the school year encouraging folks to let you know if they do not plan on returning to the school next year. Then you'll have that list handy when you're ready. Or you can send a welcome back email towards the beginning of school and let people know they can click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email if they do not want to receive further communication from your organization.

To remove people from your site go to the Admin Console and access the People tab. You can go into someone's profile or check the box beside the name(s) and then use the People Actions button to choose Remove from Org. You can also select all visible on the current page or select all in your database.

*Be very careful when selecting all in your database and removing all from your organization. This data is NOT recoverable.

One nice trick to identify those people who should be removed is to use the filters on the right hand sidebar in the People tab. If you click the Not in any hubs checkbox the list of names will be filtered to all those people who are still in your database but not in any hubs. Simply click the Select All link and then remove all those people at once.

This feature is particularly useful in the fall when you've added new families and placed everyone in their appropriate hubs.


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