July 2015 Release

At the end of July 2015 we released some major updates that will improve your MemberHub experience. Here is a comprehensive list of enhancements and changes we made:

Updates For all people in MemberHub:

  • Ability to schedule messages to be posted at a given date and time.
  • Enhanced Members page layout. 
  • Instantly search for a name in the Members page. 
  • Ability to select multiple people using check boxes and choose a 'People Action', for example 'Send a Message'.
  • If the Hub membership includes families, the Members page defaults to displaying members grouped into families.
  • Adults are shown on the left and children (in italics) are shown on the right.
  • You can now specify how many Members to show per page.
  • All children names are now shown in italics.


School Specific Enhancements:

READ FIRST: In order to view/work with these enhancements, make sure your "Organization Type" is selected as "School" in the ADMIN Console Settings)

  • Hubs can now be made a "Classroom" hub. If a hub has a value for Grade Level, the Hub is then considered a 'Classroom Hub'. Classroom Hubs have special capabilities unique to classrooms. (Important! - To make a Hub a Classroom Hub, enter a value in the Grade Level field on the Hub Settings page.)
  • In a Classroom Hub, the new People Actions button on the Members page includes the ability to add and remove classroom roles: Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Room Parent and Student.
  • The sidebar on the right in the Members page now shows Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Room Parents, and Hub Admins
  • Roles assigned to people (Hub Admin, Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Room Parent) are shown after the person's name in the Member list.
  • In a classroom hub, you can add students to a hub and automatically add parents at the same time. In the selection process, children are shown in italics. (Important! - the hub must have a value in the Grade Level field in order to have the option to add students with parents)
  • In a Classroom Hub, Students are shown on the left and Adults are shown on the right.

Additional Enhancements and Changes for Site Admins:

  • New and improved layout for the the Admin/People tab
  • Just like the new Hub Members page, searching by name is performed instantly, as you type. 
  • In the sidebar on the right, when displaying 'Individuals', there are now three new filtering options - Filter by Status: 'Not in Any Hubs', 'No Account' and 'Email Blocked'. Use the check boxes to just display people having those filters set.
  • The Filter by Tag option is now more useful and friendly. Tags are now sorted alphabetically and you can choose multiple tags at once.
  • You can now choose how many entries to show on each page.
  • When selecting people and choosing the 'Add to Hub' action, you now have the option (a checkbox) to add the person's entire family to the Hub at the same time, if the hub is a classroom hub.
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