Members: Add Students/Members to a Hub

For information on setting up hubs, review the Help Articles here.

Once you have your hub set up, you have the option to add students/members to the hub. Adding students will automatically add parents if their family profile is complete. To create a Classroom Hub be sure to set the Grade Level in Hub Settings to indicate a particular hub is a Classroom Hub. Instructions for creating a Classroom Hub are here.

Make sure to select the appropriate hub from Your Hubs list at the top.

To add students/members, go to the hub's Members page and click on the Add Students/Members button

A pop-up will appear with these options:

In a Classroom Hub, it will default to the option to add students. Click Continue and you will now see this screen:


The names for children are shown in italics. You are able to search for and select children/students or members from the database. Once they are selected on the left hand side, you will need to click the Add button in the middle. All students/members you selected will then be on the right side. However, they are not added to the hub until you click the bottom button:

You also have the option to notify anyone with an email address that they have been added to the hub or you can just add them directly to the hub without notification.

After this process is completed, you will see students/parents or members listed on the Members page of the hub.

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