Hubs: Setup Classroom Hubs & Assign Classroom Roles

A classroom hub is a special type of hub which is customized for schools. It is a great way to display the leadership of the class and makes it extremely easy to communicate with the right people. To setup your school MemberHub site to have Classroom Hubs and have the ability to assign classroom roles, follow these steps:

1. Select the appropriate "School" option as your Organization Type in the Admin Console tab Settings - Profile.


2. Go to Hub Settings for one of your existing hubs that you wish to designate as a classroom. In the General tab, select a grade for you classroom hub.

3. The hub will now have special People Actions where you can assign roles, such as teacher and room parent, to members of your hub.


In order to mark people for certain roles you will need to select people using the check boxes next to their names. Once you check one box, the People Actions drop down menu will appear on the upper right (see above image). From there, you can check and uncheck members for the roles you would like.

Once a person is marked for a role, they appear in the list on the right of the page. Also, if you uncheck them, they will be removed from that list.


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