Signups: Create Item/Time Slot Signups and View Responses

With Signups you can

  • create a single Event
  • include Items Needed like food and drink items needed for party
  • include Times Slots like teacher-parent conference slots or event volunteer shifts
  • add a response for someone else who cannot respond themselves
  • message everyone in the hub who has or has not responded
  • send event reminder via email and text
  • send email reminders for Items and Time Slots

Creating a Signup

Go to the Signup feature located on the bottom left of your Hub Navigation. If you have permission to create a signup, the New Signup Form button will be on the right had side.

Fill in the Title/Event Name. If this Signup is for an event, make sure to check the box This Signup is for a single Event. Clicking the box will add an Event Details section to your signup. This portion is the same as creating an event from the calendar except there is an RSVP option located at the bottom. If you would like people to RSVP for the event, make sure you select Ask respondents how many people will attend.

For any type of signup - whether it is for a single event or not - there are two options you can use to create your signup: Add Items Section and Add Time Slots Section

The items section is used for signing up to bring individual things. In this example we will list food that people can signup to bring.

The Section Title is Food and then specific food items and quantity are listed by clicking Add Item. You are also able to add details for each item if you would like something more specific. You can move slots and sections up and down by using the black arrows located at the end of each field.

Adding Time Slots works the same as Items. First, you have to create a title for your time slots. In the example, the Title is Set up for Celebration.

When you click Add Time Slot the same quantity field pops up. Instead of a text field next to it, there are date and time slots. Select dates and times that are appropriate for your section. You can move slots and sections up and down by using the black arrows located at the end of each field.

Lastly, what would a signups feature be without reminders? Here is where you can send email reminders according to the time frame of your choosing. Simply check the appropriate box and choose when to send the your reminders.

When your signup is complete, you have several options to save and preview it before you open it up for responding. Once you click Save & Open for Responding, people in the hub are able to go in and sign up for items and time slots. You can view responses, edit and close your signup at any time.

Here is a look at our final product.


To view Responses click on the link below the applicable signup.

You will then see the following box which will show you details of all of the responses.

Responding for Someone Else

If needed, you can reply for someone else by clicking on the Show link in the yellow box and it will display all the people who have not responded.

From there, all you need to do is click the name and fill out the signup form as normal for the person you selected. Make sure to click Save Response for them as well. The person you signed up for can go back in and edit their response after it is submitted for them.

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