Admin Console Overview

On your Dashboard, the Admin buttonAdmin_Gear.PNGin the top navigation indicates you have administrative rights to your organization. This allows you access to the Admin Console.


  • Get started: guides you through each step to customize your site
  • Overview: activity log of everything happening in your MemberHub site
  • People: add students and parents to your site to receive communications
  • Hubs: create hubs to match your Unit/Council or school’s communication needs
  • Site Joins: set up a page for members of your Unit/Council or school community to become part of your site
  • PTA: enter officers, audit, financial review and/or Form 990 confirmations, manually add PTA members
  • Money: set up your Unit/Council or school’s personal PTA membership page, collect dues online, monitor transactions
  • Settings: customize your site to reflect your Unit/Council or school spirit and organization
  • SponsorShare: learn how to share in sponsor profits to help boost your PTA’s income
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