Hubs: Add People To Your Hubs

There are 4 primary ways to get people into hubs so you can begin communicating with them.

1. Manually Add New Members to Hubs: Go to the Admin Console - People tab. If you are a Site Admin and have access to the Admin Console, then you can manually add people to the organization and put them into hubs.

  • Go to the People tab and click the Add Person button
  • Fill in whatever information you have for that person including an email address and/or phone number
  • Access the person profile again and select Add to Hub from the People Actions drop down button on the right
  • Type in the name of the hub in the popup
  • Select the hub and complete the form
  • Click Add to Hub at the bottom

To add all your PTA members to a PTA hub, go to the People tab and check the box PTA Members under Filter by Status on the right side of your screen - all those with a star by their name will appear (paid PTA members) in your People tab. Next Select All in the grey bar. Once you select people, People Actions will appear. Click on this box and select Add to Hub from drop down menu. Type in PTA and the PTA hub will appear for you to select. You have the option to notify members they have been added to the PTA hub (and can add a personal message) or you can simply put them in the hub with no notification. Click Add to Hub and you're done!

Under Hub Settings - Members page there are several options for adding people. If you are a Site Admin or a Hub Admin, you can add people from inside the hub. On the Members page there is an Add Members button. When that is clicked the following box will pop up. Note: If this is a classroom hub you will also see an option to Add people as Students and this process is detailed here

2. Add people from your organization database. If the person is already in your database then you can easily add them into the hub by searching for them.

Select members on the left and click on the Add button in the middle. Remember when you're finished to click Add Members at the bottom. These people will now show up on your Members Page.

3. Enter email addresses

If you have an email address for people, then it's very easy to add people to hubs. 

  • Inside a hub, click on Members
  • Click the Add Members button
  • On the Add Members popup choose to Enter e-mail addresses and click Continue
  • Type in or paste a list of email addresses into the top field. Follow more detailed instructions here.
  • Add a personalized message if you want
  • Click the Add Members button

4. Setup a Join Page and distribute a custom link

The following form will appear. Once you have completed the form and click on Save Changes you will be able to copy the Join Page link and distribute it to the people you want to join your hub.



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