Files: Categorize with Tags

To help you categorize files in MemberHub you can use Tags (sort of like a hashtag on Twitter). Tags are like directories but more flexible, because you can tag a file with more than one attribute. As opposed to directories which only allow you to put a file in one place.


When you upload a new file, you will see a button at the bottom that says Edit Tags. Click that button and you will get a a popup where you can create new tags and choose from existing tags to categorize your file. 

To add a tag:

1. Type the name of the tag in the text box.
2. Click the Add button to the right.
3. Click the Update Tags button at the bottom.

Existing tags will be listed at the bottom and you can choose to use those tags as well, by simply clicking on them. You can go back and add tags to existing uploaded files by clicking the Edit link underneath the file.

After the first file has been uploaded with a tag, the tag will appear in the "tag cloud" in the right sidebar. Each tag is a link and when clicked, the Files listing will be filtered to only include files with that tag. Notice underneath the file we just uploaded it reflects what tags have been placed on that file.

After several tags have been added to files in the repository the tag cloud will grow. Tags used more often will be bigger...literally the word will be bigger which indicates there are more files categorized with that tag than others.

To manage all the tags for a hub, click the Manage link at the top of the cloud and you can edit the names of the tags as well as delete them.



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