Plan Your Timeline for MemberHub Roll-Out

A timeline is crucial to having a smooth start with your MemberHub Site. The timeline keeps everyone who is involved on task and on time. Here is what a basic timeline looks like:


MemberHub Timeline

  1. Update site information         
  2. Select and add administrators
  3. Create hubs and arrange them in a hierarchy (hub tree) for school, grades, classrooms, extra-curricular, athletics, etc.
  4. Add emails from an existing email list. Instructions here.
  5. Add people to hubs (hub joins, manual entry)
  6. Update and publish your Site Joins page
  7. Start communicating

Dates for Training

An online walk-through of MemberHub including some tips and tricks as well as answer any questions.

  • PTA Leadership
  • Site Admins
  • Hub Admins, Teachers, Room Parents
  • Parents and other users

Dates or Key Communication Messages

Important communication to staff and families about MemberHub and what to expect.

  • Announcement to staff
  • Announcement to families
  • Cheat sheets for teachers and room parents
  • Take home sheets for parents


Take this timeline and make it your own!

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