Plan Your Timeline for MemberHub Roll-Out

A timeline is crucial to having a smooth start with your MemberHub Site. The timeline keeps everyone who is involved on task and on time. Here is what a basic timeline looks like:


MemberHub Timeline

  1. Update site information         
  2. Select and add administrators
  3. Create hubs and arrange them in a hierarchy (hub tree) for school, grades, classrooms, extra-curricular, athletics, etc.
  4. Update and publish your Site Joins page
  5. Or compile family/staff import file
  6. Add people to hubs (hub joins, manual entry or import)
  7. Start communicating

Dates for Training

An online walk-through of MemberHub including some tips and tricks as well as answer any questions.

  • PTA Leadership
  • Site Admins
  • Hub Admins, Teachers, Room Parents
  • Parents and other users

Dates or Key Communication Messages

Important communication to staff and families about MemberHub and what to expect.

  • Announcement to staff
  • Announcement to families
  • Cheat sheets for teachers and room parents
  • Take home sheets for parents


Take this timeline and make it your own!

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