Hub Settings: Admins Tab

A Site Administrator or Hub Admin can add other Hub Admins to a particular hub. You can do this by clicking on the Hub Settings button at the bottom left of Hub Navigation. Then on the Admins tab.

It will display a current list of admins. You can click on the Add Admins button on the right side. This will present you with three options:

  1. Give existing members administrative privileges
  2. Add people from your organization
  3. Enter in email addresses

Choose the option that is right for you (most likely will be one of the first two). You will be able to search the hub member list or site database for a particular person. Select the people you would like and then add them in as admins by clicking OK or Add Administrators. You can choose to send them an email notifying them they are now a hub admin. If you are entering in email addresses, you have the option to "invite" people to become hub admins. 


You can easily remove people as hub admins by clicking on the gray "x" to the right of their name while on the Admins tab in Hub Settings.

Hub Admins do not have to be members of the hub so if they would like, they can easily be added to the member list by clicking the blue Make Member link.

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