Hub Settings: General Tab

There are 5 things you are able to do on the General Hub Settings tab:

1. Clear Hub Activity: This will permanently erase everything in your hub and should be used with extreme caution as the data is unrecoverable.

2. Edit Hub Name, Parent Hub, Grade Level, Rm#/Location: Here you are able to change the name of the hub (all the members of the group are the same, but the group name has changed). If the parent hub is changed, then the hub hierarchy will be a little different. Be careful when changing the parent hub. All the members of the hub will be placed in that parent hub and any other hubs beyond that parent.

3. Discussion Board: Each hub has its own discussion email address through which a discussion can be started. You can edit the email address if you like. Tip: you can place this email address in the "to" field when you are composing a message in your email client. It will send the message and also post to the MemberHub discussion board.

You can choose to have replies in this address be automatically sent to the whole group or replies only to the author of the message.

4. Logo: You can easily select an image for your individual hub logo.

 5. Delete This Hub: There is a button called Delete This Hub located underneath the Clear Hub Activity button. When clicked, it will pop up a warning confirming the deletion of the hub. 

Make sure to click on Save Changes when updating Hub Settings.

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