Hub Settings Overview

Each group on your site will have different purposes and needs, so each hub comes with its own individual settings. There are many things you can adjust/edit in the settings. Each tab has its own Help Article for more detailed instructions.

Hub Settings are accessed by clicking on the button in the bottom left of each hub and includes the following tabs.

General Settings

On the General Settings tab you can configure name, owner, and physical location of your hub. You can also modify your hub discussion board e-mail address or upload a custom logo for your hub.


On the Admins tab you can add and remove hub administrators. Hub administrators have the ability to do everything the hub owner can do except change the owner of the hub. This means they even have the ability to add additional administrators as well.


On the Joins tab, you can configure the join settings for your hub. In the first section you can customize the description of your hub and it will appear on the hub joins page.


On the Permissions tab you can configure the access members have to different sections of a hub. For example, if you would like for members to be able to invite other people to join the hub you can enable it on the Permissions tab. You can also turn entire sections off or limit access to administrators only. This is useful if you don’t need a calendar for a certain hub or if you only want hub administrators to be able to access the membership listing. 


On the Profiles tab you can configure the fields members are able to view on each other’s profiles or even if they are able to view profiles at all.

Personal Settings Instructions for Adjusting Your Personal Settings

On the Personal Settings tab, you can configure your personal notifications for a hub and calendar sharing preferences. For notifications you can select to be notified via e-mail about announcements, new calendar events, calendar event reminders, discussion posts, and file uploads. For certain items you can also select to be notified via text message.

*If you are not a Hub Admin, then you will only see the Personal Settings tab. All of the other tabs are only available to hub admins.

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