Import Contact Information

In addition to using a Site Joins Page, importing contact data is a powerful way to get everyone in your MemberHub Site and into hubs.

For a smooth import of contact information, the format of your spreadsheet must match our specifications. Attached at the bottom of this page is an example spreadsheet of the format needed to run an import. Your data needs to be in this format.
Here is the complete documentation on preparing an import file.
A simple import can just have columns for first name, last name, and email address. Adding columns for additional family members (students) and then adding people to hubs can be more time consuming.
For local PTAs in states with a MemberHub state-wide partnership, we import all your PTA members into MemberHub at the beginning of the launch so you have a head start on getting people into your site.
It’s important when we run an import that it doesn’t create duplicates. While our import process does attempt to identify duplicates, it would be to your benefit to remove names from your spreadsheet that have already been added into MemberHub. 

For more information on importing your data, please contact the MemberHub Support team.

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