Signups: Let Hub Members Know

You have created your Signup, now you need to get the word out about it. There are two ways to do this:

1. Message Members Directly

For each signup created, there is an envelope icon on the right.

When you click that envelope a window will pop up:

As you can see, you have 3 options in sending a message to the group. You can

  1. send it to all members of the hub
  2. send it to everyone who has responded
  3. send it to everyone who has NOT responded

Select the option you need, add a subject, write your text, and click Send Message. When a message is sent this way, a link to your Signup will automatically be added to it so people can easily access the signup and submit/edit their response.

2. Share Signup Link

The second option is to send a shareable link about the signup on a separate form or email. To copy the link, click Copy Link located to the left of the envelope icon.

A window will pop up presenting you with the link to copy/paste. NOTE: in order to signup through the link, you need to login.

Need to create a signup go here.

Respond to a signup go here.

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