Why am I not able to login?

1. If you have logged into MemberHub before and created a password, you most likely will have to reset your password if you are not able to login.

2. If you have never logged into MemberHub before, then you will need to go to your site's unique domain (ie. example.memberhub.com), put in your email address, and select the second option to "create new account".

In the case that you do not know the unique subdomain of the organization you are connecting with, you will need to contact the support team and they will be able to tell you what it is. Also, if you know other people connected with this MemberHub site then they will be able to provide it as well.

Once you click "Next" It will lead you through the email confirmation process and guide you to create your password/complete your profile. 

3. For some cases, you may come up with a warning like this when you enter in your email and select the second option to create new account:

This means that your email is not yet affiliated with the organization, so you are not able to create an account. This is one of MemberHub's privacy measures: your information (at least your email) needs to first be entered into your MemberHub organization database before you can create an account with that organization. You can contact the support team or someone in an admin role in your organization to get you all set up.

Your organization may have activated their Site Joins Page as well. This is a page where you are invited to join your organization's MemberHub site. Contact your organization and ask if a Site Joins Page has been activated and if so, can they can provide you with the address.

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