People: Create & Edit Family Profiles

In the People tab you can view a list of all members as well as group people in your database into families. You will see the following icon if the person does not have an associated email address: 

To create and edit families go to the Admin Console for your site and click on the People tab. To start building families, simply click on a name to access that individual's profile.

There is section on the right that lists Family Members. Click the Edit link and you're taken to a screen where you can begin adding people to Charles's family.

On The Anderson Family screen, click the Add Existing Person button and a dialog will pop up where you can type the name of a person already in your database that you wish to be grouped into the Anderson family.

This list is actually filtered with the last name of the person's family you're editing. In this case, it's narrowed the search down to person records with the last name of Smith. We can add Charles's wife, Tina, and select Tina as an adult. The Anderson family is built. You can even upload a family picture.

Alternatively, you can click the Add New Person button on the family view and it will create a new person record in your database and group them into that existing family.

Back on the People tab, you can view people by Families. You can see that the Anderson Family is listed here, in order of adult, child, or other.

Allow Members to Edit Their Own Family

If you'd like to allow your members to edit their own family there is a feature setting that can be configured. Simply access the Admin Console, click on the Settings tab and then click on the Features link on the right. Then check the Allow everyone to add and edit family members.

Be CarefulPlease be aware that when you give members the ability to edit their own family you then give them the ability to add new person records to your database.

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