Hubs: Identify and Create

MemberHub is able to manage multiple groups as well as groups within groups. Whether it's a school, church, a nonprofit or an association, all organizations naturally have multiple groups. Now is the time to determine all the groups in your organization that could use their own private hub. So what are some examples of good hubs? Let's consider a school for example.

Schools create hubs for:

  • School-wide hub
  • Individual classrooms
  • Grade levels
  • Committees (PTA, technology, fundraising, book club)
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Booster Clubs
  • Extra-curricular

Make sure to visit Using Hub Trees help article for more information and detailed examples.

When you're ready to create your hubs, visit the Admin Console in your site and click on the Hubs tab. Click on the New Hub button on the right. Give the hub a name and decide if you'd like to be a hub administrator or member of that hub yourself. Note that you will only receive correspondence from hubs with which you have direct affiliation as a member or admin. Assign a Grade Level if applicable. If the hub you're creating is part of a larger hub, make sure to select the Parent Hub in the Organizational Structure drop down. Read about specific Hub Settings.


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