Photos: Upload and Share

MemberHub provides a simple and intuitive place for group members to share photos.

In Hub Navigation click on Photos and then click the Add new album link. If this is the first album to be added to the hub the Add Album Button will be front and center.

After you've given the album a name you can begin uploading photos. Once the uploader is ready to go you can either click the Add Files button on the bottom left of the uploader or you can simply drag and drop image files (photos) into the uploader.

In order to upload photos you must have Javascript enabled in your browser and then follow the instructions below. Click here to confirm if Javascript is enabled on your browser.

When you're done adding photos you simply click the Start Upload(s) button and the uploader will take care of the rest. Checking Send members an e-mail about these photos right now will send an email out to the members in the hub informing them new photos have been uploaded and a link will bring them back to the album.

Photo Album Options

After an album has been created each photo can have the details about the photo edited. You can:

  • Add a comment
  • Edit the photo
  • Make a photo the album cover
  • Delete a photo
  • Download it
  • Or copy the link

Members can also leave comments on the photos; similar to other social websites.

Lastly, the Photos section of a hub can be configured in such a way that only administrators can create albums and also prevent members from contributing to or deleting an album they did not create. Hub Admins can go to the Permissions tab under the Hub Settings button to make these changes.

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