Whiteboards: Use to Collaborate

Whiteboards are an easy way for groups to brainstorm ideas on a particular topic and to post additional information for members of their hub. Complete with version tracking, members can edit the whiteboard content or leave a comment.

Once you access your hub, the Whiteboards feature is located on the left hand side in Hub Navigation. If you are allowed to create one, the blue New Whiteboard button is there on the main Whiteboards page. 

Once a whiteboard is created, members can click on the whiteboard to view it. Once in the whiteboard, you can also click on Edit which will open the information in a text field.

When edits are complete, click on Save as Newest Version. A new version is automatically saved when the member saves the edit so any member can go back in and see every single version of the whiteboard. 

To send reminders about the whiteboard, you can click the link Remind members about this whiteboard and it automatically composes a message and sends it out to your members.

Lastly you can Add Comment about the whiteboard at the bottom of the page.

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