People: Manage Directory & Add People

In the People tab you can view a list of all members as well as use the following tools:

You can use Add Person to manually add people into your MemberHub site. However, it is preferable to use your Site Joins Page or add contact information following the instructions here. To manually add a person click on Add Person on the right. Enter as much information as you can and click on Add Person at the bottom. This person now has a profile in your MemberHub site.

You will see the following icon if the person does not have an associated email address: 

Note: The Add People button on the People tab is different than the Add Members form in the PTA tab. The Add People button gives you a way to add people to your MemberHub site but does not mark that person as a paid PTA member. You need to visit the PTA tab and click the Add Members link to actually add new PTA members.

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