Feedback from Teachers Using MemberHub

Class / Grade Level Communication

Whether your grade level is departmentalized or you teach all subjects, being able to send out one message to an entire class or grade level is easy.  You can choose specific people to send it to as well as when you would like for the message to be delivered.  Message examples:  field trip reminders, special activities, class incentives, and room parent(s) information.  If you are worried about how to get all of your parent info uploaded, have your PTA designate a parent to help.  From there all you will need is to collect each family’s information at your “Meet the Teacher” event.  Once it is loaded there is no need to reload each year.

Calendar and Calendar Alerts

This option is great for class events and test dates.  Just put the event into the calendar, add a little info about it if you wish and set when you would like your parents to receive alerts either via email or text.  Parents love getting reminders that tests are coming a few days before they take place.  Room parents also use this option when assigning parents to tasks in the classroom – center rotation help, snack donations or filing weekly folders.


This function is similar to other sign-ups but without the hassle.  No more trying to decide on the right format or background picture.  Once you have created it, it is easy for parents to access, change their sign-up and get notifications or reminders.  The best thing about a sign-up is it is easy to check because it is all located on MemberHub instead of visiting outside websites.  

Files with Tags

This is one-stop shopping for teachers and parents.  You can organize notes by subject or unit, newsletters by month, handouts or missed assignments by date.  Parents and teachers can search for anything they need just by using the tags similar to those on blogs.  At the end of the school year, you can save anything you plan on reusing to your school shared folder or flash drive and upload it again the following year.

The App

Downloading the app is the best way to be able to add things easily to MemberHub.  One convenience is being able to upload all of the great learning activities going on in your classroom through the use of photos. You can create photo albums in your hub or your grade level hub and upload the pics directly from your phone – quick and easy.

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