Managing PTA Memberships

There are two ways to get PTA members into your MemberHub site.

1. Your School Dues Payment Page: The most efficient way is to use your Dues Payment Page (set up in the Money tab of the Admin Console) to market your PTA and accept dues payments online in MemberHub. When people pay their dues online through your Dues Page their information will be automatically synced with the state PTA and money will be automatically routed to the state PTA bank and your PTA bank. Instructions here for setting up your Dues Payment Page in the Admin Console. For more information on how dues routing works, read How does PTA Dues Money Flow

2. Manually enter cash/check payments: If you have people who prefer to pay by check or cash you will need to manually enter them in Admin Console Admin_Gear.PNG -> PTA -> Add Members by the 15th of each month. Instructions here. When you add members this way their contact information will automatically sync with your state PTA, however you will have to send the state PTA their portion of a check or cash dues payment. 

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