Launching your MemberHub Site

Activate your school’s MemberHub site. 

Visit Enter your email address and choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password” and enter your first and last name. Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email. Choose a password. Once logged in, if prompted, update your school's MemberHub site address for example:

NOTE: After logging in if you do not see an orange gearAdmin_Gear.PNGin the upper right hand corner, please contact your PTA President or to request site admin access.

Set up your Merchant Processing Agreement. 

*You will need your PTA’s bank routing number and account number for this step* The Treasurer needs to complete and submit your Merchant Processing Agreement by clicking on the orange gearAdmin_Gear.PNGin the upper right hand corner to access the Admin Console. Navigate to > Money > Merchant Processing Agreement. Instructions here. Note: You may need to click the Merchant Processing Agreement link twice and wait a second for it to load.

Explore the Admin Console and personalize your MemberHub site. 

Next set up your site by clicking the Continue Setup button at the top of the page or go to the Admin Console > Get Started tab. Make your MemberHub site reflect your school by adding logos, school colors, social media links and hubs. Hubs act as secure distribution lists for different school communities whether it’s PTA committees, grade levels, clubs, teams or specific classes. Build your hubs to reflect how your school is organized. Instructions here.

Grow your PTA membership and complete your state-level PTA Requirements. 

Visit the PTA tab in the Admin Console to add officers and submit financial review and Form 990 confirmations. Visit the Money tab to set up your dues page and send your personalized website out for people to join your PTA and pay their dues online. By using this online PTA membership function, PTA members and dues will be reconciled automatically with your state-level PTA. That’s right, automatically! Instructions for completing PTA requirements in MemberHub here. Instructions for promoting your PTA and accepting dues payments online here.

Get families into MemberHub and start communicating. 

Set up your Site Joins page to invite school families to sign up to receive communication through MemberHub. Use your hub tools to send messages, share files and pictures, create sign-ups for volunteers or items and more. All in one place! Instructions here.

Use sample communications and training resources available on the MemberHub support page.

Sample communications can be found here. Training resources can be found here.  

Learn more at PTA Leaders section and Site Admins section.

MemberHub Support has Help Articles specific to the tasks above as well as particular roles, FAQs and community discussion threads. Let us know if we can help in any way. There are also guides available in the ? Help at the top of your site which provide step-by-step, click-by-click instructions.

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