Transactions in MemberHub

To manage transaction completed in MemberHub, visit the Money tab in the Admin Console. On the right you will see Transactions. Here you can filter by dates and search for specific transactions by date, item, name, amount or payment type. You can also click on Download Transactions if needed. *Search is currently unavailable.


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    Jodi Bulmer

    When I put a start date on the transactions I see a database error FYI. My transactions do come up, but there are error messages popping.

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    Nissa Byrne

    Date difficulty with the transactions download. The date range does not currently limit the transactions download. All the transactions are in the download file, but the "date_purchased" column is formatted in a way that Google Sheets doesn't understand as a Date Time format. I can't get Google Sheets to filter the rows based on the "date_purchased" column.

    Thank you for adding the check number. It appears in the "serial_number" column.

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    Helen Green

    Hi Nissa and Jodi. Our development team is working on this right now. Thank you for the comments!

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