Set Up and Share your Dues Payment Page

In the Money tab of the Admin Console, use the Dues Settings to customize a page for your school to market its PTA and accept online dues payments. Great news: since the payments are processed by Heartland there is no need to use personal social security numbers! Using this function has the added benefit of automated upload of membership info and routing of dues to your state PTA and your school's PTA.

After you submit your Merchant Processing Agreement and it is activated by the online payment management company, you will see a link titled Public Web Address of Dues Payment Page. Use this link in membership drives, newsletters, on websites, etc. to help increase your PTA membership.

Begin by giving your page a Name and writing a Dues Description about your PTA and why people should join. When people go to join online they'll see this text and learn what makes your PTA special. For instance, what programs does your PTA fund? How will joining benefit their child? Let them know how important it is to be a PTA member.

*Note: When people join your PTA via the Dues Payment Page they will automatically have a MemberHub profile created and will just need to create a password. They will not have to join MemberHub via the Site Joins Page.

You then enter your specific Dues Amounts in the fields below. You can choose the first option if all of your dues are the same or the second option to allocate different amounts for different member types.

Lastly, make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Here is an elementary school's public Dues Payment Page for your reference:

Note: Please use the Add Members option under the PTA tab to add new members who paid by cash or check.

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    Carol Holt

    I have set up our dues payment information. Is there a place in MemberHub (like the dashboard) where someone who already has an account can simply click to join the PTA or do we have to send them the public web address? Also if someone joins the PTA online but is already in our hub will it create a duplicate entry for that person or will it match with the current profile?

    Edited by Carol Holt
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    Andy Waligowski

    Carol, once you pay your dues, existing members will have a gold star that indicates current existing PTA member. I just tried for myself and saw the star and the transaction in the report.

  • Avatar
    Nissa Byrne

    Carol, try this
    Copy the public dues link then go to
    Admin Console > Settings > Dashboard Feeds and Links
    Scroll down to Additional Website Links
    Insert your dues link in the right column and give it a label like "Join PTA" or "PTA Dues" in the left column.
    Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.
    Jump to your Dashboard and you should see it on the left column at the bottom (on a desktop). Click it to test.

  • Avatar
    Helen Green

    Thanks Nissa. This is what we have been suggesting. That way people can join the PTA right from their dashboard.

  • Avatar
    Jenny Kowalkowski

    How do we change the labels for the member types?

  • Avatar
    Helen Green

    Hi Jenny. The member types are set by the state level PTA so are not able to be edited by units/councils.

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