Site Overview

Starting at the Top

At the top of all pages, you can access all of Your Hubs, Join Hubs, navigate to Dashboard, access your Main Calendar and Directory. If you have administrative rights to your site, you will see the orange gear. The question mark will take you to help articles. If you click on your name, you will be able to access Your Profile, Your Family Profile, Your Account information and your Organizations (if you belong to more than one school, church, etc.)

Organizations & Hubs

Each group, class, team, etc. has an associated hub which is the primary point of communication for that group. Each hub has the same features. However, available features depend on what the hub administrator has enabled or disabled for a given hub.

To learn more about hubs, read the Hub Overview.

Your Hubs

Click on Your Hubs to see a list of joined hubs. Click on the appropriate hub to see activity, send a message, upload files, etc. Click Join Hubs to find open hubs such as PTA committees.


The dashboard is an excellent place to see what is going on with all your groups in MemberHub. You will only see information related to your hubs. Your dashboard contains a list of recent activities, upcoming events and important links. You can also click on different hub navigation links such as Messages to see all the messages you have received from your different hubs.

Main Calendar

The Main Calendar provides a single view of all events across all of your hubs in one convenient location. Events are also color-coded for each hub for easy viewing. (You can modify your color settings in the Calendar Preferences at the bottom of the Main Calendar page.)

If you use a desktop calendar application like Apple’s iCal or Microsoft Outlook you can subscribe to the iCalendar feed and it will automatically import events into that local calendar application. You can view a list of applications that have support for the iCalendar protocol on Wikipedia here.

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