Cash and Check Dues Payments

This help article explains how to manually enter PTA members who paid by cash or check. Ideally you want people to join your PTA using the online Dues Payment page set up in the Money tab so PTA members are automatically added to your MemberHub site and to your state-level membership database. Even better - their dues are automatically routed to your PTA account and your state-level PTA account.

If someone wants to pay their dues by check or cask, you can add them manually. Dues Remittance Forms can be found in the Admin Console - Money tab - Dues Setting page. Remember you will have to send the appropriate dues portion for these to your state-level PTA.

Click on the PTA tab in the Admin ConsoleAdmin_Gear.PNGand you’ll see a link on the right for Add Members. Enter the information requested in the form. Make sure to split the Dues Amount from any Extra Donation Amount. Click Add Member.

When adding a new PTA member there is a checkbox that says Allow this person to join your MemberHub SiteThis checkbox defaults to checked and if the form is submitted that way, this person will be added to your MemberHub site and be able to create an account with their email address.

You can find more information here about notifications people receive when they are entered in the Add Members page.

If you do NOT want a particular PTA member to access your MemberHub Site, simply uncheck this box before you submit the form.

Note: The Add Members form in the PTA tab is different than the Add People button on the People tab. The Add People button gives you a way to add people to your MemberHub site but does not mark that person as a paid PTA member. You need to visit the PTA tab and click the Add Members link to actually add new PTA members.

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    Gary Lewis

    Adding all transactions one at a time seems very time consuming. In the past, we reported membership to NC PTA by adding one member manually OR by doing a bulk upload using a formatted Excel file. Will there be any way to bulk load memberships? Also, is there any way to delete a membership that might have been added incorrectly (and if so, will that remove the corresponding money transaction)? Similarly, would there be a way to update a money transaction if needed (i.e. entered wrong donation amount, memo, check number)?

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