Enter PTA Officers

By July 31, you will need to enter your PTA officers in MemberHub.

If you are a Site Administrator for your PTA MemberHub site you will see a tab in the Admin ConsoleAdmin_Gear.PNG labeled PTA. Clicking on that tab gives you access to various pages to perform PTA-specific duties which keep your unit in good standing. 

After you've clicked the PTA tab, you will land on the Officers page. You will see the current year's officers as well as officers from previous years. Note: After July 1, past year officer information cannot be updated or removed. Prior year officer information should remain in MemberHub for the NCPTA data record therefore you are not able to delete past officer information.

Simply click the Add Officer button on the left under that list. The resulting popup window will allow you to search by name to find an existing person in your MemberHub site. Click on that person's name to select him or her. If the person is not in MemberHub, you will need to add them first by going to Admin Console and the People tab and click on Add Person. Instructions here.

Once you've chosen the person you can select the appropriate Office and Term. Only national PTA required offices are listed. If you have officers with roles not listed under Office, that is okay. If you still want to give them admin rights to your MemberHub site you can by following the instructions here.

You can Give Access to the Admin Console if you want the officer to have admin rights on your site. If not, you can uncheck this box. Then just click the Add Officer button on the bottom. Your local unit may have more officers than what is listed in the Office drop down selections. The state-level PTA does not require every PTA officer to be registered so just enter which officers you can.

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