Transaction Fee Information

What are the fees to use MemberHub and how does MemberHub make money?

MemberHub software is free to partnered PTA units. MemberHub makes money on small convenience fees on payment transactions, third party services and on sponsorship messages that are on school emails and PTA MemberHub websites.

How much are the credit card fees with MemberHub?

Heartland, the payment processing company, and MemberHub charge in total 3.5% + $.50 per electronic payment. MemberHub receives 0.9% + $.20 per transaction and the rest goes to our payment partner, Heartland.

Similar services currently charge as much as 7% plus $.50 comparatively so MemberHub saves in fees over other services!

There are no fees from MemberHub for cash or check payments.

Who pays the fees with MemberHub?

All convenience fee charges are paid by the payer, not out of the proceeds of the PTA. The PTA does NOT incur the cost of the convenience fees.

How are the PTA dues routed electronically?

Upon electronic receipt of payment of any PTA dues, the portion that goes to the state PTA is automatically routed to their account and the amount to your local PTA is routed to your checking account. All donations go directly to your PTA. The PTA member record is also updated real-time so sending checks to the state PTA is a thing of the past when payments are received electronically!

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