FAQs for PTAs

What is MemberHub?

MemberHub is an all-in-one communications platform that is used by PTA leaders and school families to enhance communications and increase volunteerism. With MemberHub you can:

    • Strengthen communications with parents and the rest of your school community
    • Receive online payments for dues and other items
    • Manage all PTA good standing requirements and officer changes
    • Use signups for volunteer time slots or needed items with built in reminders
    • Email and/or text targeted audiences from everyone to one class to one person
    • Share files and photos in a secure environment
    • Organize your school calendar and automate event reminders
    • Create, manage and purchase classroom supplies through TeacherLists
    • Access a private online school directory
    • Install the MemberHub app on your smartphone for info on the go

What is required of me?

  • The only requirement is to use MemberHub to manage your PTA members, officers and good standing requirements. This portal will sync nightly with the state-level PTA database.

Will I have to use MemberHub for all communication services?

  • No. You are not required to use MemberHub for all communication and payment services. The only requirement is you use MemberHub to enter officers, submit financial confirmations and add all your PTA members each year.

Is this tool only for PTA members?

  • No. This tool is for all your families, teachers and principals. We want everyone to get involved, even families who have not joined the PTA. BUT, we hope you'll use this tool to GROW the PTA membership and increase your parent engagement.

What are the fees to use MemberHub and how does MemberHub make money?

  • MemberHub software is free to partnered PTA units. MemberHub makes money on small convenience fees on payment transactions, third party services and on sponsorship messages that are on school emails and PTA MemberHub websites.

How much are the credit card fees with MemberHub?

  • MemberHub charges in total 3.9% plus $.50 per electronic PTA dues payment and 4.8% and $.50 per non-dues payment.
  • Similar services currently charge as much as 7% plus $.50 comparatively so MemberHub saves in fees over other services!
  • There are no fees from MemberHub for cash or check payments.

Who pays the fees with MemberHub?

  • All convenience fee charges are paid by the payer, not out of the proceeds of the PTA. The PTA does NOT incur the cost of the convenience fees.

How are the PTA dues routed electronically?

  • Upon electronic receipt of payment of any PTA dues, the portion that goes to the state PTA is automatically routed to their account and the amount to your local PTA is routed to your checking account. All donations go directly to your PTA. The PTA member record is also updated real-time so sending checks to the state PTA is a thing of the past when payments are received electronically!

Will the PTA Member still get a Membership card?

  • Yes. Each paid member will get a membership card automatically added to their user profile as well as an email receipt of their payment.

Who is the payment processor that MemberHub uses?

  • MemberHub uses Heartland School Solutions (MySchoolBucks) to process all transactions. HSS is owned by Global Payments which is one of the world’s largest merchant services companies.

Do we have to use Heartland or can we use online payment platforms?

  • MemberHub is only integrated with Heartland. All payments through MemberHub will be routed to your PTA checking account automatically and you will have a robust reporting feature inside your PTA portal for all transactions you originate.

Why Heartland?

  • Heartland has excellent features for schools including school lunch payments and schools stores including a MSB Anywhere point of sale system that you can use as a cash register in your school for all events and items. We will be integrating features to include the ability to pay for school lunches if your school has MSB and create your personal PTA school store inside MemberHub later in 2017. Be on the lookout for more information!

What reports will I see in the admin section?

  • You will have access to a number of reports in the PTA Admin Console including membership info, payment transactions and more.

Will this replace what I do within my state-level PTA database?

  • Yes. Entering officers and members and submitting financial confirmations will now be done in MemberHub.

How does SponsorShare work?

  • MemberHub is working with local and national sponsors who want to support schools and their communities. Some monies raised through this program will be used to support your school! Be on the lookout for more info.

Where will the sponsor messages be seen?

  • Sponsor Messages will be at the top and bottom of emails, inside the MemberHub site and on the iPhone and Android apps.

What if our school doesn’t want sponsorship messages?

  • If your school wants to remove the sponsor messages entirely, then payment options exist for full use of MemberHub without sponsors.

Can we get our own sponsors?

  • YES! We would love to collaborate with you and your sponsors if they want to be in your school communications. Touch base with our Community Engagement Team to learn more! Please contact support@memberhub.zendesk.com.

What sponsors are allowed/not allowed in the space?

  • Per our agreement with the state PTA, all content that is not in-line with PTA guidelines are restricted, those include content with alcohol, tobacco, firearms or have political affiliations.

What training is provided by MemberHub?

  • MemberHub will host a series of videos, webinars, self-guided tutorials and in-app guides. It is very easy to use and intuitive. Training resources can be found at support.memberhub.com.

Will the teachers have to use it?

  • No. Teachers do not have to use it however we have found the teachers and parents get the most benefit and involvement when they do. Many teachers love using MemberHub and find it is much easier than similar classroom communication tools.

Will the Principals have to use it?

  • No. Principals however can have a great method in which to communicate with families and we have a built in Twitter feed that could be their voice to all families.

How do we structure our school with MemberHub?

  • Every school is set up a little differently. Elementary, middle and high schools have very different needs when it comes to communication levels. We are working on templates to help schools establish their hierarchy of hubs.

Are there privacy settings?

  • Yes. Only people who are approved can get into the site. As a PTA administrator, you have complete admin control and can give control to only those you want. All personal information and notifications settings can be self-managed by each parent and you can be as public or private as you want.

How is this FERPA Compliant?

  • Since each user “Opts-In” to MemberHub, this maintains compliance with FERPA standards.

How do we get all our families into the system?

  • There are a number of simple ways to add users. You can provide a link to your Site Joins page via email, paper or text. Add users manually or import an excel file of people.

Is there an iPhone and Android app?

  • YES! There is a Apple iOS and Android app. Go to the app store and download MemberHub for free!

What future features may be included in MemberHub?

  • MemberHub is always looking to improve the experience for our PTA leaders and parents. We want to include new technology in our platform to make life easier to be a parent. Some ideas include school stores, permission slip capabilities and bus tracking. Send us ideas as well! Your input is invaluable to the success of MemberHub and your school.

How do I contact MemberHub folks?

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