Adding Email Addresses from your Current List/Database

Go to Your Hubs in top left hand corner and click on the Everyone hub.

Click on Members under Hub Navigation.

Click on Add Members on right side of screen.

Click on Enter e-mail addresses.

Copy and paste all your email addresses from your current email communication system/inbox/spreadsheet into the blank Email Addresses field. Addresses need to be separated by commas, semicolons or new lines.

At the bottom of the Email Addresses field select Add members to this hub directly and uncheck Notify them via e-mail. Don't forget to click Add Members and you are all set!

After entering your email addresses, we recommend you send a message to your Everyone hub announcing MemberHub and its purpose. By sending a message as opposed to emailing them from the Add Members page you are able to format text and include links more easily.
Go to your Everyone hub, click on Messages and select New Message
You can find sample communication letters/text in the help article below. Copy and paste text you would like to use in your message and add additional content pertaining to your PTA.
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