Is MemberHub just for PTA use?

No. This tool is for all your families, teachers and principals. We want everyone to get involved, even families who have not joined the PTA. BUT, we hope you'll use this tool to GROW the PTA membership and increase your parent engagement.

One site, one app for all your communications?! Messages, announcements, online payments, fundraising, signups, photos and more all in one place. No more switching between numerous apps for each of these tasks. MemberHub helps you simplify your life!

Think of the People tab as your email communication platform, inbox, etc.- how you reach/communicate with everyone at the school. The PTA tab is where you enter your PTA memberships which will also put the member's name and contact information into your email communication platform. 

An example would be the PTA invites everyone (People tab) to their PTA event, but only a percentage of those invitees are actually paid PTA members (PTA tab). The goal is to invite/communicate to everyone, get them engaged and involved so they will want to join your PTA. You are making the PTA join process so much easier now by having everything in one place in the hope it will increase your membership numbers. 

People generally want to receive information about the happenings at their child's school and can easily unsubscribe if they do not want to receive these communications.


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