Accept Online Payments for Fundraisers, Tickets & More

You can now accept online payments for fundraising, school store, tickets, spirit wear and more!

Go to your Admin ConsoleAdmin_Gear.PNGand click on the Money tab. Click on Payment Requests in the menu on the right. There you will see a list of existing payment requests. When you click on the name of an existing payment request you will be directed to the public URL (webpage). The list also shows the current status and number of payors for each request. Note: Your Merchant Processing Agreement (MPA) has to be submitted and processed prior to being able to accept online payments. MPA instructions can be found here.

By clicking on the payors link you will see Results for this request as well as the Public URL and a list of associated transactions. On the right are options to Export Payments to see detailed order information, Edit Payment Request and Delete Payment Request.

A spreadsheet showing details of each order will be emailed to you after you submit the Export Payments request.

Click on the envelope next to a payment request for emailing options. The following form will appear. Choose a hub to sent the message through and select a send option: send the message to everyone in the hub, people who have paid, people who have not paid.

Then click on Send Message at the bottom.

You can click the world icon to copy the URL of the public webpage for this payment request. Click the pencil to edit the request or the two papers to create a clone of the selected request. You can also change the status of the request to OpenClose and Archive.

To create a new request, go to the main Payment Request page, click on the New Payment Request button at the bottom and the following form will appear. Begin by entering the Name of your payment request as well as writing a Description.

You can add videos, images and links to the text box using these instructions.

Your videos and images will need to be stored somewhere in your MemberHub site in a photo album or folder. In this example, we will click on the picture we want to include in our message and then click Copy Link on the upper right. A pop-up will appear with your link. Click on the icon to the right of the link to copy it to your clipboard.


Go to your message and click on Insert or on the picture symbol on the toolbar.


As an example, if you click on Insert/edit image you will see the following box.

Paste the image link into the Source field and your picture will appear in the text box.

To insert images stored in Dropbox, copy the public Dropbox link to your clipboard and change the end of the url/link from ?dl=0 to ?raw=1.

If you are familiar with including source code you can click on Tools and Source Code

If applicable, enter Open At and/or Close At dates. You can also Upload an Image.

Now it's time to start entering your Items for Sale. This can be fundraising levels, tickets, actual merchandise, etc. Enter the item NamePrice and Description. If applicable, enter the Quantity Available. Check if you want to Display quantity available on payment screen. Once quantity has been reached, the item will show unavailable. If the quantity is displayed on the payment screen, it will countdown the quantity left for each item.

If needed, click Add Another Item and follow the same process.

Don't forget to Save Changes with one of the following options:

When a purchaser selects an item, a memo field will appear. Make sure to include instructions in your payment request description and/or item descriptions to let purchasers know what information (if any) you want included in the memo field.

Here's an example of a payment request webpage for school spirit merchandise.

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