Sample Communications for PTA & School Leaders

This article includes sample language for communicating with your organization about MemberHub.

*Unit/Council can use this template for communicating with hub admins, teachers, room parents and power users

Welcome to MemberHub!

Hopefully you’ve already heard about MemberHub coming to our school and maybe even had some training. You’re receiving this email because you are or will be a Hub Administrator. A hub is just a group in our school like a class, grade, team, club, etc. There are plenty of help articles and step-by-step guides to get you through.

In fact, there’s a whole section on MemberHub’s support page just for you: Hub Admin Help

Some hubs may have been created during initial setup or you may be creating your own hub(s). When you are listed as an admin of a hub you will get a notification email. If you need to create a hub you can follow these instructions but you’ll need to be given access to create hubs by a site administrator.

 With MemberHub you can… 

  • Strengthen communications with parents and the rest of your school community
  • Receive online payments for dues and other items
  • Use signups for volunteer time slots or needed items with built in reminders
  • Email and/or text targeted audiences from everyone to one class to one person
  • Share files and photos in a secure environment
  • Organize your school calendar and automate event reminders
  • Create, manage and purchase classroom supplies through TeacherLists
  • Access a private online school directory
  • Install the MemberHub app on your smartphone for info on the go

Please visit for help. Thanks!


*Sample email to communicate site joins page to school families and other users

Hello {School Name} Family!

Our school has started using an online communication tool called This software was provided free to our school because of a partnership between MemberHub and our state PTA.  

{School Name} uses MemberHub to bring you into our school community and keep you informed and engaged with what is happening. Within our MemberHub site, you will find newsletters, signup sheets, shared calendar events, files, photos, reminders, and much more all in one place!

With MemberHub you can:

  • Pay for PTA dues and other items online
  • Sign up for volunteer time slots or needed items and receive reminders
  • Receive emails and/or texts with communications from all levels of your school
  • Share files and photos in a secure environment
  • Utilize your the school calendar and receive event reminders
  • Purchase classroom supplies in MemberHub through TeacherLists
  • Access a private online school directory
  • Install the MemberHub app on your smartphone for info on the go

Your information is stored securely and privately. Please visit {Paste your Site Joins Page link here} to add you and your family to our school’s MemberHub site.

We would love to have you as PTA members. Please visit our simple, online PTA membership page to enter your information and pay your dues. {Paste your Dues Payment Page link here}

Here’s a link to a quick introduction of MemberHub: General Overview for MemberHub Users

You can find a link to a Cheat Sheet here. You can also access specific help articles with instructions on responding to signups, uploading files, etc. at

Thanks and welcome to MemberHub!

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