Attention: Presidents

This help article is a guide that will help you get the most out of your MemberHub site. Please use this guide to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to complete your setup.

Activate your MemberHub site

Visit Enter your email address and choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password” and enter your first and last name. Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email. Choose a password. Once logged in, if prompted, update your school's MemberHub site address for example:

NOTE: After logging in if you do not see an orange gearAdmin_Gear.PNGin the upper right hand corner, please contact your PTA President or to request site admin access.

Enter Officers

In the Admin Console - PTA tab please enter your PTA Officers for the upcoming school year. Instructions here.

Submit your Merchant Processing Agreement

Please ensure your Treasurer has submitted your Merchant Processing Agreement to enable online payments of dues and other items in your MemberHub site. It will take two weeks from submission of your Agreement for it to be processed. You will need your PTA banking information for this step. Instructions here. This will also enable you to accept payments for other items such as tickets, spirit wear, etc. Details can be found here.

Explore the Admin Console and Personalize your MemberHub Site

Next set up your site by clicking the Continue Setup button at the top of the page or go to the Admin Console > Get Started tab. Make your MemberHub site reflect your school by adding logos, school colors, social media links and hubs. Detailed instructions included in the help articles below.

   Update Organization Profile

Other ways to customize your site

Get your Families into your Site to Start Communicating

Prior school-year PTA members are already loaded into your site. Add email addresses from your current distribution list/database. Instructions here. Set up and communicate your Site Joins page. Instructions here. *By default, people joining your PTA through your Dues Payment Page will be added to your site.

Create your Hubs

Hubs act as secure distribution lists for different school communities whether it’s PTA committees, grade levels, clubs, teams or specific classes. Build your hubs to reflect how your school is organized. Detailed instructions for hub creation are in help articles below. Use your hub tools to send messages, share files and pictures, create sign-ups for volunteers or items and more. All in one place! Instructions here.

  Identify and create your Unit/Council's hubs/communication groups

Utilize hub trees to build your online Unit/Council community

Open hubs for volunteer committees

Optional: Set up classroom hubs

Update each hub's settings as needed

Create a Communication and Training Plan

Work with other officers/chairs to plan your MemberHub site roll-out and create a communication plan to introduce your school community to MemberHub. Sample communications are provided here. Develop a training plan for your school's hub administrators, teachers, room parents and other power users as well as parents. MemberHub has provided some sample training materials here.

Grow your PTA Membership by Setting Up and Using Your Dues Payment Page

Work with your Membership Chair and other officers/chairs to create a communication plan for your school community regarding MemberHub and the use of your school's Dues Payment Page in Dues Settings. Once your Merchant Processing Agreement is submitted and processed you will see a link to your PTA's own Dues Payment Page at the top of the Dues Settings page. Instructions for setting up your Dues Payment Page here. When people pay their dues online through your Dues Page their information will be automatically synced with the state-level PTA and money will be automatically routed to the state PTA bank and your PTA bank. If they pay by cash or check, please see the manual instructions here.

Use your Main Calendar

Use the main calendar for school-wide events and hub calendars for hub-specific events. Instructions here.

Review Account Owner

By default you have been added to your site as the Account Owner for MemberHub. Determine if you want someone else to be the Account Owner for the ongoing management of your overall school MemberHub site. This could be a MemberHub chair, communication chair or technology chair. If so, please go to the Settings tab and click on Administrators. Find the administrator you want to make Account Owner and click on the Make Account Owner button next to their name. If they are not an existing administrator, you will need to add them by clicking on the Add Administrator button at the bottom. If the existing Account Owner is unavailable, please email

Learn more at PTA Leaders section and Site Admins Section

MemberHub Support has Help Articles specific to the tasks above as well as particular roles, FAQs and community discussion threads. Let us know if we can help in any way. There are also guides available in the ? Help at the top of your site which provide step-by-step, click-by-click instructions.

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