Dashboard 2.0 and Social Feeds

The MemberHub Dashboard page has a new design! This fresh new layout is a step towards giving parents and school leaders one central place to take care of everything in your school and PTA/PTO. 

The first thing you'll notice is the new navigation on the left that closely resembles the familiar navigation inside your hubs. But it isn't quite the same. 

These links will filter the content you see in the Recent Activity feed. By default you'll see all activity, for all features, across all your hubs. But if you click the Signups link, for example, you'll only see the recent Signups that you have access to. 

Below the MemberHub activity you'll start to see additional links to load content into MemberHub from your school's Facebook Page and Twitter feed. And this section is extensible so as we begin integrating with other EdTech tools (stay tuned) you'll see access those sections as as well.

In the sidebar you'll see a list view of upcoming events that will give you access directly to any Signup that's associated with that event and ultimately payments. That's right...payments. More on that soon. 

Note: The listing of hubs that you are in are now tucked up into the Your Hubs dropdown link at the top left.


Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and Links

Site Administrators are responsible for adding their Facebook and Twitter widgets as well additional website links. 

In the Settings tab of the Admin Console you'll see a new option called Dashboard Feeds & Links. Clicking on this gives you a page to enter your Facebook widget code, Twitter widget code, and additional website links. All of which show up on the left in the Dashboard. 


Some people will be familiar with grabbing their Facebook or Twitter widget code. For others this will be new...but don't worry, it's easy. 

Both the Facebook Page Feed and Twitter Timeline Feed sections on this page link out to the respective social media sites where they walk you through getting your code to paste into these boxes. 



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    Jodi Bulmer

    why can't i see any of the social stuff for Wake PTA?

  • Avatar
    Matt Harrell

    Hey Jodi. A Site Admin for your MemberHub Site needs to add your Facebook Page feed and/or Twitter widget code in the Admin Console. Did you see that above in the documentation?

    That being said we may need to make this more obvious. 

    Edited by Matt Harrell
  • Avatar
    Jeannie Maher
    Edited by Jeannie Maher
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